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Chronicles of a divorcee

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the workhouse


On occasions you want to read a good book and cry out all your feelings, but a book that begins sad and ends in a happy place, is a work of art. So if you’re struggling to find a book that fits this description “The Workhouse” by Pilar Sinquemani, is that book.

By: Corali Navedo, 2017

I bought the spanish edition which I really enjoyed. A friend gave me the english edition as a gift. I read it out of curiosity as many versions in other languages are not as good as the original. I was very pleased to note that the author is fully bilingual and the book is not a translation but an original. It is a heartwarming story, dramatic and lovely at the same time. It describes the life in the British workhouses and the endurance of the human soul. I recommend this book. 

By: Elba Santiago, 2017

The book was captivating one of the BEST books 📚 I have yet read in years, the Author has an amazing imagination and I can see this Author will accomplish Huge Success in her near future, this book will bring emotions in all different directions, you will tear you will laugh it truly is an amazing book to add to your collections, in fact prob one of your best in your book shelve. To the Author I want to express my BIG THANK YOU for writint to phenomenal Novel and to share this facts that have never really been spoken about. I would give it 6 stars but 5 is the max.

By: Rick, 2017